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Asus Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router RT-AX86U Pro

AsusSKU: RTAX86U Pro
AX5700 Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router, PS5 compatible, Mobile Game Mode, Enhanced Network Security with AiProtection Pro and Instant... AX5700 Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router, PS5 compatible, Mobile Game Mode, Enhanced Network Security with AiProtection Pro and Instant Guard Sharable Secure VPN, Upgraded Parental Controls, 2.5G Port, Gaming Port, Adaptive QoS, Port Forwarding. View more

RT-AX86U Pro Your Winning Choice for Mobile Gaming!
Enjoy the fastest, smoothest WiFi gaming connections ever with the ASUS RT-AX86U Pro dual-band WiFi 6 router. It delivers ultrafast WiFi speeds up to 5700 Mbps, and is packed with advanced technology, including Mobile Game Mode for a lag-free, low-latency mobile gaming experience.
RT-AX86U Pro Your Winning Choice for Mobile Gaming!
RT-AX86U Pro Ultrapowerful WiFi 6
• Lower latency Faster speeds, Energy efficient Longer range, Engineered for Intel Evo
• RT-AX86U Pro brings you all the benefits of WiFi 6 (802.11ax), and works perfectly with all your existing WiFi devices!
• The RT-AX86U Pro has been Engineered for Intel® Evo™ laptops and meets or exceeds intel’s strict requirements and is guaranteed to provide the best overall experience for Intel® Evo™ laptops. Enjoy simple out-of-the-box setup, high-performance home networking, and unparalleled stability.
RT-AX86U Pro Ultrapowerful WiFi 6
RT-AX86U Pro Gaming Without Limits
• Prioritize via Gaming Port: The dedicated gaming port on RT-AX86U Pro automatically prioritizes any wired device connected to it. No complex configuration is needed, just connect your gaming PC or console to the special LAN port to give you a fast, stable connection that's always at the head of the queue.

• Prioritize via Gear Accelerator: Gear Accelerator lets you prioritize devices wirelessly via RT-AX86U Pro online control panel. The simple interface lets you prioritize devices to help boost their speed and prevent them fighting over bandwidth with other devices.

• Eliminate WiFi Congestion: Connect your devices to the 5 GHz band and avoid the often-congested 2.4 GHz band, while enjoying up to 5.6X faster WiFi speeds. Also, optional Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) unlocks up to 15 of the least-congested channels on the 5GHz band to give you even more bandwidth for gaming.
RT-AX86U Pro Gaming Without Limits
RT-AX86U Pro Beyond Performance
RT-AX86U Pro is powered by a 2.0 GHz quad-core 64-bit CPU, giving it the performance to handle even the most demanding gaming network. It delivers maximum network throughput by 18%* for lightning-fast, accelerating data transfers and optimizing your gaming experience. *Disclaimer: Compared with former WiFi 6 platform
RT-AX86U Pro Beyond Performance
RT-AX86U Pro Lightning-Fast 2 Gbps Internet
RT-AX86U Pro is designed to break down all the barriers that can slow down your gaming. It supports up to a 2 Gbps internet connection, so you can unlock the full potential of high-speed networking for both wired and WiFi connections.
RT-AX86U Pro Lightning-Fast 2 Gbps Internet
RT-AX86U Pro Remove Network Bottlenecks
Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) lets you keep your network running smoothly by prioritizing network traffic. You can prioritize applications such as streaming video or web surfing, as well as gaming. It's the perfect ally for delivering low-latency WiFi anywhere in your home.
RT-AX86U Pro Remove Network Bottlenecks
RT-AX86U Pro Whole-Home Gaming
Does your router leave you with WiFi dead spots? RT-AX86U Pro supports ASUS AiMesh, a unique mesh-networking technology that creates a whole-home network using multiple ASUS routers. With easy central control and seamless roaming, even non-experts can set it up with any AiMesh-capable routers you own. Say goodbye to WiFi dead zones!
RT-AX86U Pro Whole-Home Gaming
RT-AX86U Pro A Safer Browsing Experience
The internet can contain inappropriate content, intrusive ads or other dangers and safety risks. ASUS Safe Browsing helps block undesirable content in one tap -- no extra apps required. Its lightweight DNS-based filtering* won’t affect router performance. It can even filter explicit content from search engine results to protect your kids online. *By using Safe Browsing, you acknowledge and agree that the standard for blocked and filtered content is established by a third-party DNS provider.
RT-AX86U Pro A Safer Browsing Experience
RT-AX86U Pro Enhanced Security Anywhere
• Complete Security for Your Home Network: Alongside the latest WPA3 security protocol, the ASUS RT-AX86U Pro also features AiProtection Pro powered by Trend Micro™, with automatic, regularly updated security signatures to protect your devices and personal data from internet threats.

• Parental Controls at Your Finger Tips: Gain insight into your kids’ online activity and customize settings for different age groups with RT-AX86U Pro’s robust parental controls. You can also flexibly schedule internet access with one click, or you can grant extra online time for your kids to reward their good behavior.

• Make Free WiFi Secure with Instant Guard: When you are away from home, the ASUS Instant Guard mobile app gives you one-tap secure internet access via your RT-AX86U Pro router*, thanks to its encrypted VPN tunneling technology. Our newly upgraded app even lets you easily share this worry-free network connection with your family and friends through a URL link. *The router must have a public WAN IP address.

• VPN Fusion: VPN Fusion lets you run both a VPN and an ordinary internet connection simultaneously. Specific devices on the network can use the VPN without interfering with the browsing experience of other users.
RT-AX86U Pro Enhanced Security Anywhere
Easy Management Via Mobile App
• Traffic Analyzer: Graphical monitoring of real-time traffic.
• Network Diagnostics: Pinpoint your network problems with just one tap.
• Guest WiFi: The easy way to share your WiFi securely without difficult passwords.
Easy Management Via Mobile App
Network Standards
• IEEE 802.11a
• IEEE 802.11b
• IEEE 802.11g
• WiFi 4 (802.11n)
• WiFi 5 (802.11ac)
• WiFi 6 (802.11ax)
• IPv4
• IPv6
Frequency Bands
2.4 GHz,5 GHz
Data Transfer Rates
• 2.4GHz 3x3
• 5GHz 4x4
• External antenna x 3
• Internal PCB antenna x 1
Wi-Fi Encryption : WPA3-Personal, WPA2-Personal, WPA-Personal, WPA-Enterprise , WPA2-Enterprise , WPS support UTF-8 SSID
Operating System Compatibility
Additional Information
• AX5700 ultimate AX performance: 861+4804 Mbps
• AX technology
• 2.0GHz quad-core processor
• 256 MB Flash and 1 GB RAM
• OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access)
• Beamforming: standard-based and universal
• 1024-QAM high data rate
• 20/40/80/160 MHz bandwidth
• Power Supply:
• 19 V with max. 2.37 A current / 19.5 V with max. 2.31 A current or 12 V with max.3 A current / 19.5 V with max. 2.31 A current
• AiMesh
• Primary AiMesh router
• AiMesh node
• ASUS Router APP
• Game Boost / Acceleration
• Support Alexa skill
• AiProtection Pro
• AiProtection
• Malicious site blocking
• Two-Way IPS
• Infected Device Prevention and Blocking
• Parental Control
• Parental Control Customized Internet schedule
• Maximum Parental Control profile : 64
• Maximum Parental Control content filter rule : 64
• IPv6
• Guest Network
• Maximum Guest Network rule : 2.4GHz x3, 5GHz x3
• Guest Network Connection time limit
• Guest Network Encryption : Open system, WPA/WPA2/WPA3-Personal, WPS
• WiFi MAC address filter
• Maximum MAC filters : 64
• Wireless scheduler
• Airtime fairness
• RADIUS Client
• Universal beamforming
• Explicit beamforming

• VPN:
• Instant Guard
• VPN Client L2TP
• VPN Client OVPN
• VPN Client PPTP
• VPN Client WireGuard
• VPN Server IPSec
• VPN Server OVPN
• VPN Server PPTP
• VPN Server WireGuard
• VPN Fusion

• Operating mode : Wireless router mode,Access point mode,Media bridge mode,Repeater mode,AiMesh node mode
• Free OS upgrade
• Firewall
• Maximum Firewall keyword filter : 64
• Maximum Firewall network service filter : 32
• Maximum Firewall URL filter : 64
• Wake on LAN (WOL)
• Configuration backup and restore
• Diagnosis tools
• Feedback system
• System log
• New Device Connect Notification
• Login Captcha
• Connection Diagnosis
• Security Scan
• Auto Firmware Update
USB 2.0
USB 3.0

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